About Tattoo Removal

Welcome to Tattoo Bill's Tattoo Removal! Tattoo Bill's Tattoo Removal is a medical practice office, licensed with the North Carolina Medical Board and consisting of a team of highly trained medical professionals - including a physician, nurse practitioner and certified laser specialist —ensuring our patients receive the very best medical treatments available in the industry and with the highest level of patient safety and comfort.

We are Charlotte's expert in safe, effective and affordable laser tattoo removal. We have performed thousands of laser removal procedures using state of the art FDA-approved Medlite C6 laser. Our professional staff is specially educated in and experienced in tattoo removal to give you the very best results available for tattoo removal.

On a personal and professional level, people are more interested than ever before in tattoo removal. Whatever the reason may be, if you want a tattoo completely removed or lighten an unwanted tattoo for a coverup then Tattoo Bill's Tattoo Removal is the answer.

There are many common misconceptions about tattoo removal. People think it is very expensive, it is extremely painful, it leaves scars, etc. Our goal at Tattoo Bill's Tattoo Removal is to de-bunk all of those myths and provide you with a place to remove your unwanted tattoos quickly and easily. You may have heard of other places that also do tattoo removal. There are doctor's offices that are part of a larger, complex practice that involve other dermatology treatments and/or plastic surgery. In these types of settings, laser tattoo removal is usually very expensive and may not be the highest priority of the practice. Laser tattoo removal is our specialty; and our mission is to make it both affordable and convenient for everyone. We would love for you to visit us, and we are sure you will be satisfied with your results! Before opening our tattoo removal office we spent countless hours and nearly $10,000 in research and testing various laser systems. The systems we tested include, the Medlite C3, Medlite IV, Revlite, Picosure, Cynosure Affinity and the Palomar Yag 5. Lastly we tested the newest award winning laser from Hoya Con Bio, the Medlite C6, we quickly decided this laser is by far the best choice for tattoo removal. The Medlite C6 has won countless awards and is considered the industry "Gold Standard" laser for tattoo removal. The Medlite C6 laser is great for black, red, brown, orange, purple and dark blue. The optional dye handpieces are best for sky blue and green. Using a combination of the two, provides the best available treatment for any color tattoo.